onsdag 23 september 2009

Året Var 1989

Kände att det behövdes lite aktivitet på den här bloggen. 1989 var året då jag var på Roskilde för första gången och fick se några av den tidens giganter live för första gången. Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Band Of Susans, Einstürzende Neubauten, Swans m.m.

Och så den sedvanliga Spotify-listan

Lush - Scar MLP

Voivod - Nothingface

Union Carbide Productions - Financially Dissatisfied Philosophically Trying

Throwing Muses - Dizzy 12''

Galaxie 500 - On Fire

A Witness -Peel Sessions

A.C. Temple - Sourpuss

Tad - God's Balls

Swans - The Burning World

Skinny Puppy - Rabies

Pastels, The - Sittin' Pretty

Pale Saints - Barging Into The Presence Of God 12''

Ministry - The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste

Mega City Four - Less Than Senseless 7''

Loop - Arc-Lite 12''

Krixhjälters - Evilution

The Hummingbirds - Lovebuzz

Cardiacs - On Land And In The Sea

The Young Gods - L'Eau Rouge

UT - Griller

The Young Gods - Play Kurt Weill

Freddie Wadling - Something Wicked This Way Comes

Godflesh - Streetcleaner

Crime + The City Solution - The Bride Ship

The Cure - Disintegration

Alice Donut - Bucketfulls Of Sickness And Horror In An Otherwise Meaningless Life

Band Of Susans - Love Agenda

Einstürende Neubauten - Haus Der Lüge

The Dambuilders - A Young Persons Guide

Fugazi - Margin Walker MLP

Wire - Eardrum Buzz 12''

The Wedding Present - Bizarro

The Walkabouts - Cataract

Nitzer Ebb - Hearts & Minds 12''

Morrissey - The Last Of The Famous International Playboys 7''

Jesus Lizard - Pure MLP

Sonic Boom - Angel 12''

Nomeansno - Wrong

The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine

New Model Army - Thunder And Consolation

Nirvana - Bleach

McCarthy - The Enraged Will Inherit The Earth

Mudhoney - Mudhoney

Lard - The Power Of Lard MLP

The Triffids - The Black Swan

The House Of Love - I Don't Know Why I Love You 12''

Glenn Branca - Symphony No. 6

Dinosaur Jr - Just Like Heaven 12''

Cranes - Self-Non-Self MLP

Birdland - Hollow Heart 7''

Camper Van Beethoven - Key Lime Pie

Bad Religion - No Control

Another Sunny Day - You Should All Be Murdered 7''

The Wonder Stuff - Don't Let Me Down, Gently