onsdag 21 december 2011

11.Hexvessel - Dawnbearer 

"Hexvessel is a psychedelic folk-rock band that was founded by Englishman Mat “Kvohst” McNerney, vocalist for blackmetal bands Dødheimsgard and Code. He moved to Finland in 2009 and was joined by a coven of musicians from Tampere that feature members of Galacticka and Dark Buddha Rising. Fusing English folk and psychedelia with a love for Finnish nature, pagan mysticism, folklore and the occult, they play a witches brew of acoustic balladry and heavy tripped-out atmospherics", (från biografin på bandets hemsida).
Hexvessels gotiska folkrock har drag av 16 horsepower, Current 93 och några låtar påminner också om tidiga Sonic Youth och Ligeti´s Musica Ricercata II (som spelades i ceremoni-scenen i Kubriks Eyes Wide Shut). Att veta att medlemmarna har ett förflutet inom Black Metal ger ytterligare en dimension.

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